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Sample of the Ghostscript Processor commands/switches for converting PDF pages to PNG files (you can copy this to the Ghostscript Studio Processor Workspace, choose input pdf file, output folder and click on the start processing toolbar item) :

!!! convert PDF to PNG !!!

! >> interaction-related parameters
-dQUIET			! suppresses routine information comments on standard output
-dSAFER			! disables the deletefile and renamefile operators, and the ability to open piped commands (%pipe%cmd) at all
-dBATCH			! keep gs out from going into interactive loop reading
-dNOPAUSE		! disables the prompt and pause at the end of each page
-dNOPROMPT		! disables the prompt printed by Ghostscript when it expects interactive input, as well as the end-of-page prompt (-dNOPAGEPROMPT)

! >> device selection parameters
-sDEVICE = png16m	! 24-bit color Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

! >> switches for PDF files
-dFirstPage = 1		! begins interpreting on the designated page of the document
-dLastPage = 5		! stops interpreting after the designated page of the document

! >> rendering parameters
-dTextAlphaBits = 4	! text subsample antialiasing
-dGraphicsAlphaBits = 4	! graphics subsample antialiasing

! >> output resolution

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