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Ghostscript Studio is easy to use Ghostscript IDE, a tool that facilitates the use of the Ghostscript interpreter by providing you with a graphical interface for postscript editing and file conversions.

Ghostscript Studio allows you to preview postscript files, edit the code and execute them in order to convert PDF documents and other formats. The program allows you to convert between PDF, Postscript, EPS, TIFF, JPG and PNG by using the Ghostscript.NET Processor.

You can use the application to view the content of PDF files and supports syntax highlighting in order to easily edit the postscript files.

It has multilanguage user interface (for now English and Croatian translation only).

Ghostscript Processor Workspace allows you to use Ghostscript (gswin32/64.exe like) switches in more friendly way. Comments/descriptions in any part of the document are allowed.

Ghostscript Processor

PostScript Editor Workspace allows you to edit PostScript files on the left side of the window and to see a preview of the interpreted result on the right side of the window.

PostScript Editor

PDF and multi-page PostScript Viewer Workspace:

PDF and PostScript Viewer

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